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The Economic Truth Report 32: You Own Nothing? And What To Do About It w/ David Rogers Webb

• The Economic Truth - John Sneisen - Odysee

In this episode, John dives deep into the reality of financial asset ownership in our world with insider and expert David Rogers Webb.

David goes into the deep and murky financial waters, exposing decades of financial legislation that have eroded ownership of financial assets for anyone.

They go into legal terms such as "Street Name," "Direct Registration," and "Physical Certificate." David goes into how there has been an epic heist of ownership over assets and that no one, even most elites, knows what will happen during the next financial crisis and monetary reset.

David urges everyone to take action and share this critical information as I might only be a few years away from where most people will lose almost everything they thought they had ownership of.

David goes into how one needs to stop banks from being able to invest depositors' deposits and gamble them away without any legal ramifications other than the people who thought their deposits were safe.

He talks about how Central Clearing Parties have entirely taken ownership of your assets, and you might own nothing, but you might not get too happy about learning this.

Feel free to contact John, and if you are interested in getting a hold of David, let me know, as he is looking for people who can change things and reverse the asset heist.

This and much more in this episode.

David Webb's book can be found here, or you can buy his book here: