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Podcast - Ben Swann -The Bombshell Revelations of Jan. 6 and Ray Epps You Won't See in the MSM


On this episode of the Free Thought Project podcast, Jason and Matt sit down with Ben Swann, an award-winning journalist and the force behind Truth in Media. Swann's commitment to uncovering untold stories brings us to the perplexing and controversial tale of Ray Epps, a figure whose actions during the January 6 Capitol events have sparked significant debate and conspiracy theories.

We delve into the inconsistencies and oddities surrounding Epps' story, contrasting his minimal legal repercussions with the harsher penalties faced by other Capitol event participants. Swann provides his expert analysis on Epps' potential connections and the broader implications of his case.The conversation then shifts to Swann's latest endeavor, SOVREN, a forward-thinking social media project designed to offer a secure and transparent platform for communication, challenging the norms of today's heavily monitored digital environment.