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Muslim Americans In Key Swing States Declare They'll Ditch Biden In 2024 Over Gaza Policy

• by Tyler Durden

What's more is that Biden's supporters are quicky turning on him in some key swing states. "Increasingly, they have amplified their warnings, telling Biden's team that frustrations among Arab Americans and Muslims could hurt him in the presidential race next year," Politico has highlighted. "While those voters make up a small portion of the electorate, they can be a key bloc in tightly contested battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Exit polls show a clear majority of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020."

Dearborn, Michigan in particular has a huge Arab American community, with many of these being Muslims as well as Palestinian Christians. The broader Detroit area is home to many Palestinian-Americans. They have become outraged over Biden's refusal to impose conditions on military aid given to Israel, as the civilian death toll soars.

Minneapolis-based activist Jaylani Hussein has said, "Families and children are being wiped out with our tax dollars," and emphasized "What we are witnessing today is the tragedy upon tragedy."