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Remington Closes Up Shop in NY After 200 Years, Heads for More Welcoming Red State

• By Bryan Chai, The Western Journal

To the left, every issue can be "solved" with some sort of emotional outburst or half-baked plan, irrespective of any potential consequences three or four steps down the road.

And few examples make that clearer than the left's never-ending crusade against the Second Amendment.

To the far left, getting rid of guns will somehow stop all wanton murder in the country.

Now, if you were to say that getting rid of unjust murder in America was your ultimate end goal, in and of itself, that's a perfectly noble, if not naive, goal.

The issue is that the left has utterly convinced itself that the only way to stop murder on a meaningful level in the country is to outlaw guns or harass perfectly law-abiding citizens.

Spoiler alert: This should go without saying, but harassing law-abiding citizens and outlawing guns will do less than nothing to deter the criminal element. Just look at the frequency and size of shootings in states with restrictive gun laws.

But apart from the inefficiency of the left's "solution" to America's issues, they are also incapable of thinking on a more macro level.

Do you know what happens when you spend ceaseless breath attacking someone's integrity, character, and purpose in society on a daily basis? That someone will tend not to like you very much and probably look to get away from you.

And that's exactly what the iconic RemArms, the current iteration of the historic Remington Arms Company, and one of the most recognizable and largest gun manufacturers in the country, has decided to do with one of its New York facilities.

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