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Doomsday community wants people to live in 575 bunkers for 'when all hell breaks loose'

•, Sarah Hooper

In the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota, a former army base which stored munitions has been repurposed into bunkers.

The base has since been transformed into liveable bunkers aimed at providing an 'epic humanitarian survival project' – not just for the top 1%.

Dante Vicino, the executive director of Vivos, who runs the doomsday bunkers, told '"Average people" can now reserve their spot for when all hell breaks loose.

'Vivos, now known as an epic humanitarian survival project, is fully prepared for whatever and whenever events may unfold.'

Mr Vicino said members of the doomsday group are not 'preppers' or the 'elite', but 'well-educated, average people' who want to protect their families during uncertain times.

He added: 'Their economic profile is also diverse from lower middle-class incomes to high-net-worth individuals.

'When everyone else is scrambling for a solution, our members will journey to their designated shelter, joined by hundreds of like-minded people, all prepared to lock the blast door and ride out whatever threats may be going on above.'

The shelters are reportedly outfitted for a minimum of one year of autonomous operation without people needing to return to the surface.

Mr Vicino cited the Covid-19 'threat', Ukrainian war and tension with China and the Middle East as reasons for demand growing.