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Moms For America Endorses 'Proven Leader' Trump For 2024 Presidency

•, by Naveen Athrappully

"We are in the midst of a cultural crisis, and the American family has never been at greater risk. Our God-given rights are under attack, and our children are being taught to disdain the very values that have always made America the freest, most prosperous nation on Earth," Kimberly Fletcher, the president of Moms for America, said in a Nov. 28 announcement.

"What we need most right now are leaders who will protect our nation and the United States Constitution, defend the family, and stand for truth and common sense, even when it isn't popular to do so. We need leaders who are not afraid to fight for what's right and who will put America first."

"That is why Moms for America Action is endorsing Donald Trump for President."

Moms for America listed the following steps President Trump had taken during his presidency for the betterment of the country:

In his first week, President Trump took action to protect American children in schools "by rescinding Barack Obama's dangerous bathroom policy that allowed boys to use girls' bathrooms."

He kept his 2016 "campaign promise" to stop Common Core academic standards and blocked efforts to nationalize the K-12 curriculum.

"President Trump also took executive action to keep critical race theory out of the federal government, and he opposed left-wing efforts to radicalize civics education."

He established the 1776 Commission, which published a report calling for a "renewed commitment to our country's founding principles of liberty and equality and genuine appreciation for our country's heroes as the only true path for us as a people to unify."

In his first year, President Trump cut taxes and regulations to ease the burden on hard-working Americans.