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Israeli October 7 posterchild was killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal


Update: A video transcript of Yasmin Porat's testimony translated by David Sheen for Electronic Intifada follows this article.

In a desperate bid for international sympathy, the Israeli government has sought to stir outrage over the killing of a 12-year-old girl during the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel on October 7. 

"This little girl's body was burned so badly that it took forensic archeologists more than six weeks to identify her," the Israeli Foreign Ministry declared on its official Twitter/X account. "All that remains of 12 year old Liel Hetzroni is ash and bone fragments. May her memory be a blessing."

Aviva Klompas, a former speechwriter for Israel's United Nations mission and one of the country's top English language social media propagandists, claimed on Twitter/X, "The terrorists massacred all of [the Hetzroni's], then torched the building."

Naftali Bennett, the former Israeli Prime Minister, chimed in to proclaim that "Liel Hetzroni of Kibbutz Beeri was murdered in her home by Hamas monsters… We're fighting the most just war: to ensure this can never happen again."

Liel Hetzroni was among the noncombatants killed in Kibbutz Be'eri when the small southern Israeli community was momentarily taken over by Hamas militants seeking captives to spur a prisoner exchange. During the standoff that ensued, she was killed instantly alongside twin brother, great-aunt and several other residents of Be'eri.