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It Now Costs 3.4 Million Dollars To Live "The American Dream" -

• by Michael Snyd

For a long time, it has been clear that the middle class is being systematically destroyed.  The cost of living has been rising faster than paychecks have for years, and this has pushed millions of Americans into poverty.  As for those that were already impoverished, many of them have been pushed out into the streets.  According to the Wall Street Journal, homelessness in the United States is increasing at the fastest rate ever recorded in 2023.  Anyone that thinks that we do not have a major problem on our hands simply has not been paying attention.  At one time, living "the American Dream" was a goal that the vast majority of Americans could aspire to achieve, but now it is out of reach for most of the country.  In fact, a report that was just released concluded that it now takes 3.4 million dollars for the typical U.S. household to live "the American Dream" over the course of a lifetime…