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The Deep State Agenda Is "Controlled Demolition Of America": Alex Newman

• Via Greg Hunters

Newman contends it is the only way for evil globalists to have the tyrannical New World Order they dream of. 

The evil destroyers of freedom and liberty around the world will be talking about the demise of America at the globalist COP28 conference in Dubai, UAE this week.  Newman explains,

"This is all part of the agenda.  What we are watching now is the deliberate destruction of the American middle-class and the deliberate destruction of the American economy.  

Ultimately, if these evil doers get their way, it will result in the deliberate destruction of the United States of America.  We are talking about the controlled demolition of our economy, our military might and everything we hold dear.  This has been known at the highest levels of government for a long time...

During the Trump Administration, they had Rich Higgens on the National Security Counsel, and he put together the 'Higgens Memo.'  People should read this.  

He talked about the global alliance of globalists, communists, socialists and Islamists who are all working in unison for the goal of destroying the United States of America.

This is not just as a nation, says Higgens, but even as an ideal. 

They want to shift global power over to China and over to the United Nations to gradually and then suddenly destroy the United States.  

They don't just want to destroy this country, they also want to destroy the ideas and principles it is founded upon because it is simply not compatible with this one world system they want. 

George Soros told us what the New World Order was going to look like 10 years ago.  He told the Financial Times that China needed to own the New World Order in the same way the United States owns the current one."