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Unveiling the Alarming Link Between Insecticides and Low Male Fertility

• By Lily Anderson

llis, MPH, a doctoral student at Northeastern University, have uncovered a startling connection between insecticide exposure and lower sperm concentration in adult men globally. The findings of their research, published in the November 2023 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, shed light on the pervasive impact of insecticides on male reproductive health.

The Disturbing Revelation

"Understanding how insecticides affect sperm concentration in humans is critical given their ubiquity in the environment and documented reproductive hazards. Insecticides are a concern for public health and all men, who are exposed primarily through the consumption of contaminated food and water," warns Ellis. The research team delved into decades of human evidence, focusing on the health impacts of exposure to two widely used insecticide classes: organophosphates and N-methyl carbamates.