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NEW VACCINE MANDATES: Brazil Is FORCE Vaccinating Babies -- Global Genocide Continues

•, Dan Dicks

The President is quite literally telling the population that they will starve if they do not inject themselves with poison as he further destroys the economy and creates what one may call a "Hegelian Dialectic" of sorts.

Children as young as 6 months are mandated. Meanwhile, those who protest his government are swiftly arrested and forced vaccinated in jail which is terrifying countless Brazilians out of rallying.

News of this rule came as Lula da Silva entered office. Many claimed there was no evidence the covid injections would be included in the mandate, though it was all too obvious as the new fraudulently elected president was clearly trying to walk back literally anything former President Bolsonaro had done or said.

All the while, talk of vaccine mandates and mask mandates return all over the world as we see a new fake variant and so-called "White Lung Syndrome." Many places have already mandated masks again including parts of The United States, Canada and Australia.