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"I Am Angry": Black Scholar Who Says Harvard Prez Plagiarized Her Work Is Livid...

• Zero Hedge

Harvard President Claudine Gay has now been caught plagiarizing five academic papers - nearly half of her entire scholarly output -- a sin that would seemingly be fatal for anyone else in her position.

One of the academics who was plagiarized, former professor Carol Swain, is pissed after Harvard gave Gay a pass on what would have resulted in severe punishment and/or expulsion for anyone else, as Townhall's  Christopher Rufo reports.

"I rarely get angry, but I am angry," Swain wrote on X. "[R]ight now about the racial double standards that are TEMPORARILY giving #ClaudineGay an opportunity to resign. White progressives created her and white progressives are protecting her. The rest of us have had to work our rear ends off to achieve success. Some get it handed to them."