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Dissident Dialogues: Dr. Naomi Wolf

• By Margaret Anna Alice

Naomi was among the earliest to speak out against COVID tyranny, instantly recognizing the signs of fascism she had identified in her 2007 book The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. She is not only brave enough to say Mistakes Were NOT Made, but she brings the receipts to prove it.

Now she has a new book out documenting the very totalitarianism she once prophesied along with the spiritual journey she underwent while confronting this darknessFacing the Beast: Courage, Faith, & Resistance in a New Dark Age.

Formerly a darling of the legacy media, Naomi earned an unceremonious ejection from her professional and social circles by speaking out against authoritarianism, with the fact-chokers smearing her as a conspiracy theorist, the White House colluding with Big Tech to censor her, Facebook launching a "scorched-earth erasure" of DailyClout, and mainstream straddlers like Alex Berenson describing "much of what she said" as "counterfactual (and batshit crazy)."

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