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Mark Zuckerberg is building one of the biggest homes in US history:


Mark Zuckerberg is set to drop $270 million on his top-secret Hawaii compound - which features multiple mansions, an entire village and a 5,000 square foot underground bunker.

WIRED obtained public records and court documents revealing all of the extravagant amenities Zuckerberg plans to include in his Koolau Ranch property located on the northeast shore of Hawaii's oldest island Kauai.

The billionaire Facebook founder, 39, and his wife Priscilla Chan bought 110 acres of a former sugar plantation on the island back in 2021 - adding to the couple's 1,300 acre $100million luxury estate. 

His $270 million project will be one of the largest personal constructions of all time. 

Two mansions in the self-sufficient compound will sprawl over a whopping total of at least 57,000 square feet.

The lavish homes will include 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, conference rooms, an industrial kitchen and multiple elevators, documents revealed.

An elaborate underground tunnel system will connect the mansions - the pathway, which will double as a shelter, stretches out of 5,000 square feet and features a living area, library and an escape hatch.

The bunker has soundproof doors made of metal and concrete to protect against possible threats, including bombs.