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Biden's "AI Bill of Rights" May Just Be Another Censorship Plan

• Activist Post

By Jeremy Powell

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." The once-overheard quote uttered by one of Barack Obama's advisors now represents the unjustifiable expansion and abuse of government powers of the Joe Biden era. With the pandemic arrived a litany of experiments that proved disastrous, from distance learning and expansion of the money supply to lockdowns. After all the damage and witnessing the lengths Biden and his fellows are willing to go to, anything seems to be permissible.

Whether the alternative leads us to a better or worse future is reserved for another day. Nonetheless, with real income declining because of reckless monetary policy, it's no surprise that Biden is on the firing line. When totally reliable polls and fair, balanced outlets like NBC are suggesting that Donald Trump might be overtaking Biden, "democracy is in crisis, again." At this stage, anything that doesn't align with a Far Left domestic agenda and a hawkish foreign policy is "antidemocratic" and "xenophobic," per the usual arguments.

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