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Cyborg computer with living brain organoid aces machine learning tests

• arclein

What's more, the human brain's neural plasticity, its ability to grow new nervous tissue and expand existing connective channels, has granted it an ability to learn from noisy, low-quality data streams, with minimal training and energy expenditure. What AI systems accomplish with brute force and massive energy, the brain achieves with an effortless elegance. It's a credit to the billions of years of high-stakes trial and error that delivered the human brain to the state it's in today, in which it's chiefly used to watch vast numbers of other people dancing while we're on the toilet. But if the brain's such a powerful learning computer, and all it's doing in our skulls is responding to electrical signals from our senses, why not just wire the dang thing up in a jar and see if it can replace neural machine learning chips? Well, most people need their brains ?" the rest of you know who you are ?" but brain cells can be created easily enough out of pluripotent stem cells, in petri dis