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The Evil of the Residential Property Tax

• By Ryan McMaken

Even in middle-American housing markets, however—where home prices are supposedly more reasonable than on the coasts—prices have soared. In Cleveland, for example, the index is up 40 percent since early 2020. During the same period, the index rose 50 percent in Atlanta and 33 percent in Chicago. This sort of price inflation is not merely a product of the physical supply of housing. Demand for housing has been greatly inflated by nearly fifteen years of historic lows in interest rates, following by immense flows of newly created money during the Covid Panic. As economist Brendan Brown has noted, even as consumer price growth appeared low from 2008 to 2020, the effects of monetary inflation have long been visible in asset price inflation (e.g., home prices).

It is not at all surprising then that property taxes are rising as well. Fortunately for homeowners, though, property taxes have so far not kept up with market prices. According to an April report on property taxes from housing analytics company ATTOM,

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Comment by tittiger
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*** Enforcing a "law" should not protect criminals from prosecution. The guards at Auschwitz claimed that they were innocent of wrong doing when they gassed Jews because "it was the Law". The same should be applied to those criminals that enforce the so called property tax, which is really the the 1st plank of the Satanic Communist Manifesto. Put me on a jury and I will vote to have hanged by the neck until dead, anyone involved in this evil. Claiming that they were just following the law doesn't cut it any more than when  the Nazi's tried that line during the Nuremberg trials.

Comment by tittiger
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Whether on residential property of not, it is still EVIL and the 1st plank of Satanically inspired Communist Manifesto. The criminals that that enforce it should be hanged from the neck until dead IMHO. The time of year that the County Satanists extort you or else they murder you

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