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SpaceX Starlink Orbital Capacity and Usable Capacity

• by Brian Wang

There are 5147 work Starlink Satellites in orbit. There are about 880 of those are V2 mini. This would be about 4267 V1.5 or earlier Starlink satellites. Each satellite has accessible communication footprint on the ground of perhaps 800 miles by 800 miles. The various antennas and arrays can target different segments inside that theoretical footprint.

There are 4530 Starlink satellites are active. 4267 v1.5 and V1 Starlink satellites. 4200 V1.5 Starlink have a total of about 63000 total Gbps and 266 active V2 mini each with 60 Gbps is 15800 Gbps. The total activated SpaceX Starlink capacity is about 76,000 Gbps.

It will take about 2-3 months for the currently in orbit V2 mini satellites to get in location and activate. This will be about 200-300 per month. Perhaps 100 v2 mini-satellites could activate by Dec 31, 2023. This would be another 6000 Gbps to 82,000 Gbps.

The total Starlink satellite bandwidth is a theoretical number, that I use for snapshot approximations.