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ALL the evidence Republicans are compiling as they get closer to formally impeaching...


Since the start of 2023, Republicans have been investigating Joe Biden over his alleged connections to his son Hunter's extremely lucrative multi-million dollar influence peddling scheme spanning decades.

In December, Republicans voted to formalize their ongoing impeachment inquiry because they believe it will force the administration to turn over documents and provide witness testimony after months of stonewalling.

They are working toward building up enough evidence to show Joe was involved in Hunter's dealings in order to hold a formal impeachment vote in the House in 2024. 

GOP investigators are also examining how the Biden Justice Department has allegedly slow walked the criminal investigation into Hunter for tax evasion and gun crimes.

While President Biden has maintained his innocence, saying he has never been involved in his son's shady business dealings, Republicans say the White House's recent flip flops on their official statements pushing back on the 'political' GOP-led probe is a sign they are scrambling.

The White House's shifting defense started with Joe had 'never discussed' and had no knowledge of Hunter's business dealings. It has since evolved into the president had never been 'in business' or 'financially involved' with his son.

In September, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy unilaterally launched an impeachment inquiry over the Biden family's 'culture of corruption' that he said could take down President Biden's political career.

Since then, the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees have issued subpoenas to the top players involved including Hunter Biden, James Biden and other family members, donors and business associates.

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