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Carlson Stuns Many w/ 'Frank Underwood' Interview Featuring Kevin Spacey

• Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) &Tucker Carlson

Carlson initiated the interview by discussing the 2024 presidential election

"Is there anyone, in this country of 350 million people, who can jump in at this late date and re-scramble the calculus of electoral politics?" Carlson questioned. "Well, there may be someone. In fact, you already know him. You know his face. And the question is will he get in this cycle and that's my question for you."

The camera then turned to Spacey. As he began speaking, it became evident that Spacey was portraying Underwood, showcasing the sober South Carolina accent that gained popularity in the since-cancelled Netflix show.

"Well, that's really a decision for the people, Tucker. It's not somebody that I think about or what to do," Spacey said before turning to the camera House of Cards-style and adding, "And Merry Christmas to you, too."

Spacey continued, "But I've always believed that nothing off the table… I think we both agree that we need to get some adults back in the room, so if that means taking on the chief executive role, well that's a sacrifice I am willing to make for this great nation." 

A smirking Carlson interjected, exclaiming, "'Adults in the room,' I love it. I can see it as a bumper sticker. Is that your campaign slogan?"