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Dr. Malone Versus The World: Why Is He At War With Everyone?

• Zero Hedge

Dr. Malone's latest Substack just dropped. Once again, the theme of the blog post is that a series of people and organizations within the medical freedom movement are actively working against him.

The pioneer in mRNA vaccine technology seems to have a pattern of lashing out against anyone who levels the slightest criticism of him and has attempted to diminish his critics by claiming that they "appear to be getting compensated in some way for actively promoting hate."

It is clear, though, that what Dr. Malone describes as "hate" can run the gamut from indifference or perceived slights to mild criticism — or a stark difference of opinion. Dr. Malone's volatile responses to criticisms have led some to think that he is connecting dots against his critics that aren't real.

Dr. Malone's Naughty List

Dr. Malone's limited tolerance for criticism, along with his emphatic responses, has led to an increasing number of individuals and organizations subjected to his public denunciation.

The list below, derived from Dr. Malone's past X and Substack posts, details these entities:

• Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin

• Dr. Mike Yeadon

• Sasha Latypova

• Karen Kingston

• Matthew Crawford

• Dr. Ben Marble

• Dr. Judy Mikovitz

• George Webb

• Sage Hana on Substack

• America Out Loud

• Dr. Jane Ruby

• Red Voice Media

• Stew Peters

• Catherine Austin Fitts (The Solari Report)

• J. J. Couey

• Mary Holland (President of Children's Health Defense)

• The Wellness Company and its founder Foster Coulson

• Dr. Paul Alexander

• The Washington Post

• Alex Berenson

• Dr. Peter McCullough

• And more. "The list goes on and on," Dr. Malone has stated.


On October 30, 2022, Dr. Malone filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million in damages from Dr. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin, America Out Loud, Dr. Jane Ruby, and Red Voice Media (Stew Peters). This was described as a "shocking defamation lawsuit," which Diana West called "an anti-personnel weapon of free-speech-destruction" and a "heat-seeking lawfare missile targeting financial ruin."

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