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California's Fecal Fiasco Deepens With 'Toilet-To-Tap' Sewage Approval

• Zero Hedge

California - known for its poo-lined streets, is one step closer to Soylent Green, after state officials approved new "toilet-to-tap" regulations which would allow water agencies to take wastewater from homes, recycle it, and then deliver it back to households in an effort to maximize the state's water supply.

"It will truly be the highest quality water delivered in the state when it's done," according to Darrin Polhemus, director of the Division of Drinking Water and the State Water Resources Control Board, the NY Post reports.

Officials swear it's safe (until it's not, we assume), due to three rigorous stages of treatment. The poo water is treated for pathogens and viruses that is allegedly so effective that minerals have to be added back into the water to give it taste.

"If one fails, there's still two remaining in its place as backups to make sure nothing goes untreated," said Polhemus.

California is notoroiusly drought-prone and depends on water from other states via the Colorado River.

However, 2023 brought an exceptional amount of rain, and by October, the state was over 99% drought-free, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Although the water will be more expensive than imported water, the supply is more renewable and reliable, according to CalMatters.

California is the second state to allow the process, following Colorado. -NY Post