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Billions for Everyone From Self-Replicating Factories

•, by Brian Wang

The technologies that we pick to scale need to be ones that we can increase to a thousand times our current levels with manageable pollution and side-effects at those scales.

We will soon have billions or trillions of humanoid robots and they will work in self-replicating factories. The robots will make other robots and be part of a system of machines to make more machines and more factories. Twenty factory doublings means a million times more production. We need to improve planning to factor in massive technological scaling.

We have to close the cycle and make the self-replicating systems fully recyclable and have the waste streams managed.

The humanoid bots and factories need to be transportable via mass produced SpaceX Starships so they can seed mining and production on the Moon, Mars and asteroids. In space and on Mars and asteroids, the technological self-replicating factory seeds need to be improvable/perfectable so that as we can scale they get better so we get a good scaled technology in our solar system.

The technological seeds do not need to be perfect but we should understand the limits and problems with scaling each aspect of the technology. The simpler systems will be easier to model scaling by a million, billion or trillion times. If the systems can self-replicate and double in a year or two years then a million times more can be only 20-40 years away.