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This New Year Calls for a Bold New Vision for Mankind

• Activist Post

By Julian Rose

We have seen since the latter part of 2023, the horrific repercussions of controlled and uncontrolled mass murder being perpetrated on men, women and children in the Gaza strip.

We have witnessed, in US and European cities, the escalation of deranged individuals shooting dead whoever happens to get in their line of fire.

We see – and increasingly directly experience – a break down in civilised patterns of law and order; responsible governance within and without supranational bodies, national parliaments, educational institutions, national health services and hospitals, transport systems, banking, the media, and indeed, in too many cases within families themselves. Amounting to general disassociation with basic moral values.

We also see how giant corporations and banks continue to swallow-up smaller businesses and turn their workers into less than human robotic slaves, unwittingly and wittingly supporting a world exclusively devoted to self-aggrandisement through the twin totems of power and money.