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UPDATE: Massive Police and SWAT Response at MGM Grand Following Reports...

•, By Jim Hoft

The Las Vegas was put on edge after the Metropolitan Police, alongside SWAT teams, responded to a shooting incident near the Las Vegas Strip, FOX5 Vegas reported.

The event unfolded early Sunday morning, with witnesses reporting hearing gunfire near the MGM Signature Towers.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued an alert, closing Harmon Avenue between Las Vegas Boulevard and Koval Lane around 7:30 a.m. Despite the alarming reports, there have been no injuries reported so far.

Witnesses have described hearing reportedly 30 to 40 shots, potentially fired from a balcony within the towers.

In response, SWAT teams and other agencies have secured the area, initiating lockdown procedures and commencing evacuations for those inside the building.

The incident has caused considerable disruption and concern, with social media users sharing firsthand accounts of the ongoing situation.

One witness, Theron Chow, reported an "Active Shooter at Signature at MGM Grand," while another from a nearby location stated, "I'm watching outside my window… It's being monitored for an active shooter barricaded inside."

Robyn Burton, a guest at the MGM Grand, shared her distressing experience, "ACTIVE SHOOTER at my hotel… our friend was rushed into a secure room by SWAT… Pray for us please. Update: shooter on the 25/26 floor, we're on the 16th floor."