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Destroying Democracy to Save It: Maine Shows the Danger of Zealots in our Legal System

• Ron Paul Institute - Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in the Hill on the Maine decision and how it is illustrative of Justice Louis Brandeis' warning of the danger of zealots. Shenna Bellows has long embraced extreme political and historical viewpoints, including denouncing the electoral college as a "relic of white supremacy."  Challengers knew that they "had her at hello" in seeking to disqualify former president Donald Trump. The coming week will likely show how the Supreme Court will address the issue.

Here is the column:

"You had me at hello." That line from the movie "Jerry Maguire" came to mind this week after yet another Democratic secretary of state moved to prevent citizens from voting for former president Donald Trump.

Maine's Shenna Bellows issued a "decision" that declared Trump an "insurrectionist" and ineligible to be president. She joined an ignoble list of Democratic officials in states such as Colorado who claim to safeguard democracy by denying its exercise to millions of Americans.