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What Do All the Billionaires Know That Has Them Prepping for Doomsday?

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

It's not every day that construction workers are required to sign NDAs. Of course, it's also not every day they work on $270 million doomsday bunker for none other than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, either.

 But every worker on the project on the remote Hawaiian island has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and swear secrecy. As reported by Wired: 

 "That price for a private residence is unparalleled in the local construction industry—as is the level of secrecy and security. 'The only other time you see that is when you're doing secure military installations,' says one local construction industry official affiliated with the site. 'For a private project to have an NDA attached to it is very rare.'"  

The massive underground bunker might as well be a military installation. The plans call for food production, water storage, blast doors, advanced security systems, and an infirmary to sustain 30 people.   

Zuck isn't alone

 Zuckerberg, who made his Big Tech billions by collecting data on the interactions of almost every human on planet Earth, is not the only billionaire to be building an apocalypse shelter.  

Peter Thiel has been attempting to build a bunker in New Zealand since 2022, as well as rumors swirling that an upward of 15 other Big Tech billionaires have been building advanced survival compounds across the globe with completion dates of winter 2024.