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The Obvious Hypocrisy at the COP28… Here's What It Means For Global Energy Demand

•, by Chris MacIntosh

Marxists traditionally called religion "the opiate of the masses," which is ironic since the Marxists now use "climate change" as the new religion. The climate change religion, however, does not even offer any such sedation, only misery for the masses.

Not only do they offer nothing, but misery they do so while ensuring they pay no such price.

These psychopathic Malthusian monsters all popped over to the UAE and then promptly lectured the little people how many showers you'll be allowed to take each week to fix the weather.

Chuck stood up and proceeded to tell all the "elites" that the peasants are all a perverse drain on the climate and must be eliminated with all due speed. No kidding! Keep in mind this is the same Charlie who, back in 2009, at one of these absurd junkets said we all had 96 months to avert "irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse." So according to Charlie, 2017 was D-Day for humanity. It is a miracle we have made it nearly seven years and we're still around. Of course, the peasants will keep being fed idiotic nonsense and kept in a state of panic.

Which is not at all releasing CO2. Not a drop. You taking a shower, though? Ooh, bad.

And a gazillion bombs being dropped in both Ukraine as well as Gaza far exceeding emissions from your entire country's CO2 emissions. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along and here, have some bugs — you'll be saving the planet. For real.

It's all so unbelievably absurd, which is why I was heartened by what happened with this guy.