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"Globalist Tempter Tantrum Looms": Luongo On Where Do We Go From Here In 2024, Part 2

•, by Tom Luongo

When I hit the streets back in '81
Found a heart in the gutter and a poet's crown
I felt barbed wire kisses and icicle tears
Where have I been for all these years?

I saw political intrigue, political lies
Gonna wipe those smiles of self-satisfaction from their eyes
— Marillion, White Feather

In my last post, Part I, I asked the question, "Where do we go from here…" knowing that we have political upheaval in the West we haven't seen in the US since the 1860's. Joah Bii-Den! fulfilled his promise to divide the country further with a speech commemorating the riot at The Capitol that sounded better in the original German (H/T Dennis Miller).

The general theme of my first five observations on where things are headed in 2024 build off the basic premise that Davos would rather burn the world to the ground than give up their perception of control over it.

Like in 2023's prediction post the controlling idea of inflation returning in the second half of the year informed most of my commentary, this Globalist Temper Tantrum is central to my thinking this year.

And believe me, I will be happy to be wrong about this. Happier than I can fully express in words.

That temper tantrum, however, is now facing the natural opposition from, for lack of a better term, normal people. So, bound up in these predictions will be the idea of the counter-revolution as people come into their own, master their fear of the establishment, and stride forth with purpose. I've seen it building for years across the West. 2024 is, I believe, where these two titanic societal forces meet on the battlefield and determine humanity's future.