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Mark Zuckerberg turns to FARMING as tech titan buys herd of cattle for his $270M...


Mark Zuckerberg has become a farmer, announcing he has bought a herd of cattle which he will feed with macadamia meal and beer - aiming 'to create some of the highest quality beef in the world.'

The 39-year-old Facebook founder said he will raise the cattle on his ranch in Hawaii, feeding them the nuts for taste and protein, and the beer so the animals relax.

Zuckerberg - who has a net worth of $126.5billion- has since 2014 been buying up hundreds of acres on Kauai, and now owns 1,400 acres of beachfront land on the north shore worth an estimated $270 million.

'Started raising cattle at Ko'olau Ranch on Kauai, and my goal is to create some of the highest quality beef in the world,' he wrote on Instagram - which is owned by Facebook's parent company, Meta - on Tuesday.

'The cattle are wagyu and angus, and they'll grow up eating macadamia meal and drinking beer that we grow and produce here on the ranch.

'We want the whole process to be local and vertically integrated. Each cow eats 5,000-10,000 pounds of food each year, so that's a lot of acres of macadamia trees. My daughters help plant the mac trees and take care of our different animals.'

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have three daughters: seven-year-old Maxima; five-year-old August, and baby Aurelia, born in March 2023.

'We're still early in the journey and it's fun improving on it every season.