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3 Extremely Alarming Developments Which Could Have Enormous Global Implications

•, By Michael

So as we get more information these stories may move in different directions.  We have already seen so much happen during the initial days of 2024, and I am entirely convinced that things will get even more chaotic as this year rolls along.

Just within the past 24 hours, several more bombshell stories have appeared in the news cycle.  The following are 3 extremely alarming developments which could have enormous global implications…

#1 Hospitals In Northern Israel Are Being Ordered To Prepare For "Thousands Of Casualties"

We have seen a series of escalations on the northern front in recent days, and that includes the assassination of the brother-in-law of the leader of Hezbollah.  Now, Israeli media is telling us that hospitals in the north are being ordered to get ready to receive large numbers of war casualties…

Israeli media reports IDF ordered preparation for the expansion of the fighting in the north (Lebanon).

Israeli Ministry of Health ordered the hospitals to be prepared to receive "thousands of casualties" in a short time.

Why would such an alert get issued now?

Is something major about to happen?

According to a prominent Israeli news source, one hospital has actually been instructed to prepare for a "desert island" situation…

The Israeli Health Ministry ordered hospitals in the north to be ready to receive thousands of wounded, under extraneous conditions, as fighting intensifies on Israel's border with Lebanon, according to a report by Kan.