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'A Significant Shift': Blue Collar Democrats Switching To Republican In 'Deep Purple

• Zero Hedge

Authored by Beth Brelje via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Nearly 59,000 registered Pennsylvania Democrats left the party in 2023; that makes more voters than fans needed to fill the capacity of the Franklin Field Football Stadium at the University of Pennsylvania.

Of those nearly 59,000 who left the Democratic Party, 36,950 switched to the Republican party, and 21,644 switched their party affiliation to "other," the category the Pennsylvania Department of State uses in its data to cover parties such as Green and Libertarian.

"As the Democrat Party tilts further to the progressive left, more historically traditional, working-class families are moving to the Republican Party, both in terms of how they vote and how they're registered," conservative political strategist Charlie Gerow told the Epoch Times.