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A Video Identification Guide To Edible & Medicinal Plants - Pt. 2

• Trillium: Wild Edibles -

Hey guys welcome to the second season of identification videos on edible and medicinal plants. In this video there are 13 different plants some are medicinal, some are edible, and one is a poisonous look a like. We will cover in depth the identification features of these plants as well as some of their uses and cautions; from the poison hemlock to the thujone in yarrow and sanguinarine in blood root you're sure to learn something in this video.

A lot of these plants are multi use, meaning you can use them for food or medicine and many grow all over the United States and can be found quite easily as a few are considered weeds in some places. However others like the toothwort and bloodroot only occur in the eastern woodlands of the U.S. and in some cases are best left alone.