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Russia Became the Main Supplier of Uranium to the US

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Last November, Russia became the main exporter of uranium to the United States for the first time since May, and Japan replaced the Americans its supplies from Germany and France, while at the end of 11 months of 2023, the States bought from Russia this fuel for the maximum amount since 2010, RIA Novosti calculated on the basis of open data.

According to the US statistical service, in November the US bought uranium fuel from only four countries – Russia, the UK, Japan and Belgium – for a total of almost $191 million. Russia was the main exporter, with $96 million. Britain accounted for a quarter of the supplies ($48.6 million), Japan 22 per cent (almost $44 million), and Belgium 1.3 per cent ($2.4 million).

Prior to that, Russia took the first place in May, when $177 million worth of uranium was supplied.