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12 Examples Of The Tremendous Chaos That Is Suddenly Erupting All Over The Globe

•, By Michael

Last week, I wrote about three major developments which have enormous implications for all of us.  Today, I am going to tell you about a dozen.  Instability is a word that you are going to hear a lot this year, because order is breaking down all over the planet.  The following are 12 examples of the tremendous chaos that is suddenly erupting all over the globe…

#1 The candidate that China hated the most just won the election in Taiwan.  Needless to say, this makes a Chinese invasion much more likely…

Voters in Taiwan elected Vice President Lai Ching-te as their next president on Saturday, defying warnings from Beijing not to support a candidate it has called a separatist and a "troublemaker."

The election, which China had described as "a choice between war and peace," could test recent efforts by Beijing and Washington to repair relations that in recent years have fallen to their lowest point in decades. The status of Taiwan, one of the strongest democracies in Asia, is among the most sensitive issues between the two superpowers, and focus will now turn to any potential show of force from Beijing in response.

As I have been warning my readers for a long time, the moment that China invades Taiwan we will be at war with the Chinese.

#2 In Germany, massive demonstrations by farmers and train drivers have caused much of that nation to come to a standstill

In Germany, where workers and bosses run many companies jointly, a big strike is unusual. A wave of big strikes is almost unheard of. Right now the country of "co-determination" is simultaneously facing an eight-day "action week" by irate farmers, who blocked roads with tractors, a three-day strike of railway workers and, to top it off, a looming strike of doctors, who already closed surgeries between Christmas and New Year's Day. This Mistgabelmop (pitchfork mob), as some have taken to calling it, will test Germany's harmonious labour relations in the year to come.