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Boeing goes woke – and will soon be broke as planes break amid focus on "diversity"

•, by: Cassie B.

Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 was forced to make an emergency landing in Portland after a large piece of the new 737 MAX 9 plane blew off while it was flying at around 16,000 feet. Luckily, no passenger was seated near the blown-out panel, which left a huge hole in the side of the plane.

In inspections of other planes after the incident, United Airlines has found a slew of installation issues, including loose bolts, in its 737 MAX 9 jets.

The downfall of Boeing is something that financial writer Porter Stansberry, the founder of MarketWise, has been warning about for a long time, with a post he wrote in January 2020 bearing the headline "COMING SOON: THE BOEING COLLAPSE."

According to Stansberry, the company has been embracing more bad ideas than any other firm for the last two decades, changing its culture away from a focus on engineering to corporate concerns.

He points to Boeing's Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Pope, as an example of what's going wrong there. Her qualifications are somewhat surprising for someone who holds such a high role in a major firm: a bachelor's degree in accounting from Southwest Missouri State University and an MBA from Lindenwood University, a small school that is ranked #121 out of 167 regional universities in the Midwest.

Pope has no engineering background, but Stansberry suggests there is another reason she was placed in charge of the operations at a leading global aerospace engineering corporation: She is the executive sponsor of a group known as Boeing's Women Inspiring Leadership, which is focused on "increasing gender diversity awareness."