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President Of Canadian LGBT Organization Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

•, by Tyler Durden

Sean Gravells, an outspoken LGBT activist and the president of an LGBT pride organization in Canada called the North Peace Pride Society, has been arrested on multiple charges including sexual exploitation of a child under the age of 16 and the possession and distribution of child pornography.  

The alleged offenses all took place in or near Fort St. John, B.C., northeast of Vancouver. The interference and exploitation charges were initiated on Dec. 29, 2023, while the child pornography charges occurred on Dec. 31.  

The North Peace Pride Society quickly removed Gravells as president upon news of his arrest, and in a statement made to their Facebook Page they asserted that even though the group sponsors youth events, Gravells was never involved directly with children. 

The NPPS held "teen pride nights" at the Fort St. John Library under the direction of Sean Gravells.  In the image below you can see Gravells (on the left) with representatives of NPPS giving a sponsorship check to the library to fund youth events.

Arrests of prominent LGBT activists for child abuse are becoming rather common.  Only a week before the detention of Sean Gravells, a well known trans woman (male) activist by the name of Kendall Stephen was arrested in Philadelphia, charged with the rape of two young boys.  

Multiple leftist activists with influential positions in media have been arrested or convicted on child sex abuse charges and pornography in the past year, including two senior producers from ABC and CNN, as well as Slade Sohmer, the former managing editor of CNN's now defunct BEME video and co-manager for a kids summer camp called "Camp Power."

Then there was the gay activist couple from Georgia that was arrested at the beginning of 2023.  After adopting two boys, the couple allegedly abused them, then trafficked them to a pedophile ring.

And how about Oregon teacher/activist Kelsey Boren, who "mentored" an 11-year-old drag queen and was later convicted on child pornography charges.  Boren was sentenced to less than a year in prison in 2023 for 11 felony counts of encouraging child sex abuse.