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Alert! Here Is A List Of 20 Large Companies That Have Just Decided To Conduct Mass Layoffs

•, By Michael

In recent days, I have been writing quite a bit about the alarming transition that the employment market is going through.  There is a lot more competition for any jobs that are still available, and one recent survey discovered that almost 40 percent of U.S. companies anticipate that they will be conducting layoffs in 2024.  But even though I am just reporting the facts, I have had people write to me and insist that things really aren't that bad.  Even though the government's own numbers show that the U.S. lost a ton of full-time jobs in December, these people apparently believe the propaganda that is being fed to them by the Biden administration.

Look, the truth is that the economy really is bleeding good jobs.  In this article, I am going to provide you with 20 examples of large companies that have just decided to conduct mass layoffs…

#1 One of our "too big to fail" banks has just announced that it will be eliminating 20,000 good paying jobs

Citigroup on Friday said it will slash 20,000 jobs.

The reductions, detailed in the company's fourth-quarter financial results deck, can be linked to Citi continuing to execute its ongoing reorganization.

Citi will axe the positions "over the medium-term," something that should ultimately bring its expenses down by $2-2.5 billion, according to the company.

#2 Even though this is an election year, NBC News has decided that a bunch of far left staffers have become expendable

NBC News has laid off several dozen staffers, the latest of dozens of companies to start off the new year with bad news for its employees, USA TODAY confirmed Friday.

A source familiar with the plans said that employees were given a 60-day notice and will get severance packages and outplacement.