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Are The Globalists Preparing Us for Another Lab Leak?


As the globalists start to plan for "Disease X" many of the trusted voices in the medical community are starting to ask out loud – "are they conditioning us for another lab leak?"

Replaying the COVID-19 Playbook

In 2019, the voices that are warning us about "Disease X" warned us that we could see a global pandemic in the near future. In fact, they even identified the Coronavirus as the most likely culprit for a global pandemic.

Almost like clockwork, the predictions of a possibly global pandemic in 2019 became a reality in 2020.

Indeed, experts have pointed out that it is highly unlikely that the warnings about a possible pandemic followed so close in time to an actual pandemic outbreak was nothing more than a coincidence.

In fact, according to John Leake, writing in Dr. Peter McCullough's substack, asserts:

The timeline and the documentary evidence clearly indicate that SARS-CoV-2 leaked or was deliberately released from a lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology sometime in 2019. 

The documentary evidence further reveals that certain key players were aware that a SARS coronavirus, highly contagious to humans, was detected spreading in Wuhan in the fall of 2019.

When Prediction is Really Pretext

The reality is that all of the warnings about a potential pandemic before 2020 were big business for big pharma and the entire pharmaceutical industrial complex. Billions of dollars were spent preparing for a pandemic and many of those dollars were spent on dangerous experiments all in the name of pandemic preparedness. Of course, now we know that those same dangerous experiments, funded in the name of preparing us for a pandemic, are the experiments actually responsible for the pandemic itself.