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The Vitamin Wars

•, By Dr Naomi Wolf

This essay seeks to inform you about the importance of building a parallel independent media economy, and to tell you how to do it.

I feel a need to help people become literate about the economics of a free press, at this critical time in history, due to two recent ill-informed attacks on me, and on my news and democracy site DailyClout, by people who are not trained as journalists.

Dr Robert Malone, a molecular biologist, a former government contractor, and, per his bio, an inventor mRNA technology — and Dr Simon Goddek, a former academic specializing in aquaponics, turned Vitamin D entrepreneur – attacked me publicly; Dr Malone also attacked DailyClout.

I try always to be civil, indeed friendly, to all my colleagues. I often see Dr Malone at events, where we are cordial (I adore his talented wife and business partner Jill Glasspool Malone). I was among the first well-known hosts (if not the first) to interview Dr Goddek, when I understood how important was the alarm he was trying then to raise, that the PCR tests had been rushed through peer review in little more than a day: