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Ballistic Missiles May Have Been Used In Huge Strike On US Base In Iraq

•, by Tyler Durden

Reuters cites an official who said "the base was hit by ballistic missiles but he left open the possibility it was struck by rockets." This has led to some speculation that ballistic missiles could have been fired on the US outpost from Iranian territory.

But Reuters also notes, "Two security sources in Iraq and one government source said the base was hit by multiple rockets fired from inside Iraq." One regional analyst has gathered sources to detail the following...

This is the very same base that Iran retaliated against with ballistic missiles in January 2020, as revenge for the US assassination by drone strike of IRGC Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani.

A missile barrage has reportedly struck the Al-Asad Airbase — a U.S. military facility maintained in Iraq since 2003 — according to Reuters accompanied by videos on X alleging to show the missiles raining down: