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I Drank Water That This Giant Steel Box Pulled From the Air at CES 2024

• CNet

I drank from the air of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it was fine. That's not a metaphor. I saw a massive steel box at CES 2024 that harvests the humidity in the air and turns it into drinking water. Not that the Las Vegas desert and the convention center's massively air-conditioned halls are swimming in spare humidity, but luckily there was enough for me to sample this "convention water."

Someone from Genesis Systems poured a shot glass of cool, clear water from the company's WC-100 WaterCube. It tasted better than the tap water in my hotel, which I used to fill my water bottle. That water tastes like stagnant, three-week-old swimming pool water. The water from the WaterCube tasted clean, fresh and mineral-free.

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