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Heritage Foundation President Slams Davos Global Elites Straight To Their Faces


Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America President Dr. Kevin Roberts was invited to the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, to appear on a panel about "What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration" on Thursday. 

In an op-ed penned ahead of the conference, Roberts wrote that he accepted the invitation to deliver the global elites a message. "Davos must accept the moral virtues, practical benefits, and natural rights of nations, families, and individuals to govern themselves," Roberts wrote, or "'We, the People'" will "take matters into our own hands."

Roberts certainly delivered that message. When asked about who will likely join a new Trump administration, Roberts said it will be those who wish to destroy "the grasp that political elites and unelected technocrats have over the average person."

"The agenda that every single member of the administration needs to have is to compile a list of everything that's ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum, and object to all of them wholesale," he added.

Roberts' assertions are grounded in people's real fear of the WEF's despotic policy proposals. So far during the 2024 conference, global elites have discussed ushering in a "new world order," decried "disinformation and misinformation," and labeled farming and fishing "ecocide." 

The discussion about a new Republican presidency was largely centered around fear of Trump — that he'll pull the United States out of NATO, yank aid to Ukraine, and put an end to supposed climate change policies. Panelist Gerard Baker, the editor-at-large for The Wall Street Journal, even fretted that a second Trump term could lead to a dictatorship. 

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