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The Sinister Links Between Jeffrey Epstein, CBDCs, & Bitcoin

• Zero Hedge

Authored by Aaron Day via The Brownstone Institute,

he purpose of this article is to create awareness of the urgent threat of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), to discuss and describe Jeffrey Epstein's potential involvement in both funding CBDCs as well as his possible role in changing the underlying purpose of Bitcoin, rendering it unusable as a cash alternative for day-to-day transactions.

The article also provides a snippet from my book, The Final Countdown, which goes into detail and further provides practical advice for avoiding CBDCs. 

The CBDC Threat

Imagine a future where every dollar you spend is tracked - not by a bank, but by the government. This isn't a distant sci-fi scenario; it's a real possibility with the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs. These are not just new forms of money; they are potentially powerful tools for monitoring and controlling human behavior.

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