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Denver Airport Melts Down, Looks Like A Post-Apocalyptic Prison

•, by Gary Leff

Passengers are backing up waiting for trains and inside the terminal and people are missing flights, as the airport runs buses from the A concourse to other concourses.

If you're traveling through Denver, hopefully you're not changing airlines and can remain inside the same concourse. If you're traveling out of Denver, expect to use the "A bridge" security checkpoint and walk to the A concourse. From there you can get transportation to other concourses.

Security at Denver takes a long time anyway. It will be longer than ever with more passengers using the A bridge checkpoint.The busing arrangement will be slow. Allow extra time.

Things aren't expected to be fixed quickly, potentially taking days as they wait for parts.

Around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, the airport provided an update, saying buses and additional staff are being deployed to supplement taking passengers from the terminal to the concourses.

"Passengers will either be guided by [DIA] staff to board a train or to take a bus from Concourse A to concourses B and C,"

The airport for its part just cites "technical issues" for the meltdown. That's been an ongoing theme, as the airport's train system broke down for a couple of days in October. Maybe it's the swastika runway, time capsule from the New World Airport Commission or the gargoyles guarding baggage claim.