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UK Piano Player Threatened By CCP Agents For Filming Their Faces In Public

•, by Tyler Durden

In an event that has now become an international debate and diplomatic snafu, a popular YouTube piano player by the name of Brendan Kavanagh was filming a live stream at a public piano at London St Pancras station when Chinese citizens, some of them known to work for CCP groups in the UK, confronted him.

Kavanagh is renowned for his surprise musical performances at public pianos around the UK, where he entertains shoppers and travelers.  In the UK, filming in public is legal and does not require permission, nor does it require release agreements from any of the people that might end up on camera.  However, Chinese "tourists" later identified as members of the CCP, some of them working for CCP front organizations in the UK, were apparently not aware of this, or just didn't care.  The full confrontation is available in the video below:

One female member of the group initially has a friendly conversation with Kavanagh, who is told by another man that they are filming for Japanese TV.  This proved to be incorrect, or perhaps a miscommunication.  The woman was later identified as Adelina Zhang, a CCP agent who has hosted state functions for China in the UK for many years, rubbing elbows with some of Britain's top politicians.