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Southwest Eliminates Boeing Max 7 From 2024 Fleet

•, by Mia Taylor

In the most recent development,  Southwest Airlines has said it intends to take fewer deliveries of Boeings controversial 737 MAX plane. The airline has also eliminated the MAX 7 model from its 2024 fleet line-up plans, according to a report from Reuters.

"The company's current capacity plans do not assume placing the MAX 7 in service this year and is subject to Boeing's production capability," Southwest said in a statement.

The news from Southwest comes on the heels of an announcement from United Airlines, which stated earlier this week that plans to eliminate the larger MAX 10 from its fleet plan.

Southwest has historically been among Boeing's loyal customers. This year, the carrier is scheduled to take delivery of 79 MAX aircraft. That figure however, is a drop from previous estimates of 85 MAX aircraft being delivered.

The decline in the number of planes being delivered is linked to supply chain challenges on Boeing's part and issues with the status of MAX 7 certifications, according to Reuters.

In lieu of the MAX 7 aircraft, Southwest is accelerating orders for MAX 8 planes.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has said that Boeing may not increase production of MAX aircraft. A reality that could impact airlines and consumers as well.

If there ends up being a shortage of jets, airlines may increase ticket prices.