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Kari Lake tells Megyn Kelly that Jeff DeWit pulled up to her HOUSE and demanded to speak...


Kari Lake has revealed new details on her bizarre encounter with resigned Arizona state party chair Jeff DeWit before he tried to 'bribe' her into spiking her U.S. Senate run – and how his urgent call to meet at her home raised her suspicions.

'I felt like I was in an episode of House of Cards,' she told Megyn Kelly in an interview for her podcast on SiriusXM as she described the encounter. 

Lake said she taped the conversation after comments by DeWit presented a 'huge red flag' – before according to her audio recording he dangled potential money or employment if she were to take a break from her political career. 

'The only reason I taped this is because it sounded highly suspect when he said "I've got to come over. I'm right outside your neighborhood. I'm pulling in and I have to talk to you in person. Because what I have to say cannot be said over the phone," she told Kelly.

'I don't know about you, but a huge red flag comes up when you hear that and I thought what on earth? I felt like I was in an episode of House of Cards. What on earth is going to happen here? And I never even listened back to it until earlier this week,' she said.

It was just the latest charged development since's bombshell report that led to DeWit's resignation. 

Lake said she was 'finish the edits on my book' when she got the call, and was getting ready to pack for her appearance at CPAC – where she ultimately revealed the attempted 'bribe' for the first time.