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The Biden Regime's Coup Against Constitutional America Is Leading to Civil War

• Paul Craig Roberts

In taking the oath of office Biden is sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States, but he has violated the Constitution, which requires his removal from office and punishment for high treason against the United States.

In addition to violating the Constitution and oath of office, Biden has violated moral and ethical standards and according to abundant evidence felony laws, from the consequences of which he is being protected by the Department of Justice (sic), the FBI, media, and the US Congress.

This article will not make the full case against Biden.  It will focus on two major treasonous acts. One is that Biden has not only refused to defend US borders, but also he has worked consistently to keep US borders open to massive invasion, fully assisted by his regime, of millions of invaders who are overrunning American cities and communities.  The other is that while leaving America's borders undefended, Biden has unconstitutionally committed Americans to three wars in defense of the borders of other countries without required Congressional approval.