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'Moment Of No Return' Imminent As Biden Has 'Decided' On Response...

•, by Tyler Durden

A "decision" has been made, apparently, with CBS reporting: "Biden tells reporters that he has decided on how to respond to the attack that killed US troops in Jordan." And Sky News writes, 'Moment of no return approaching' as Biden weighs retaliation for soldier deaths.

Additionally, Biden said the White House sees Iran as responsible for supplying the weapons used in the drone strike on the Tower 22 base along the Jordan-Syria border, an attack which also saw over 40 American troops injured.

Admin officials have repeatedly asserted they do not seek wider war with Iran, even while direct accusations fly against Tehran, and there's talk of military 'options' and warlike threats go over the airwaves.

...because "pressure," writes Bloomberg: "US President Joe Biden faces intensifying pressure to confront Iran directly after the country's proxies killed three American soldiers in a drone strike in Jordan over the weekend, risking precisely the wider regional conflict that he's trying to avoid."

"A person familiar with the US position, who asked not to be identified discussing private discussions, said it was clear that a strike — which also wounded at least 34 — would force a stronger response than what the US has done so far in the weeks," continues Bloomberg.

Currently, the reporting consensus seems to be that Biden will order major strikes against various Iranian 'proxy' positions especially in Iraq and Syria. In the immediate aftermath of the Sunday drone attack on the US Tower 22 base, there were reports that Iran-aligned militias were temporarily evacuating bases in the region.

Biden on the White House lawn Tuesday: "I do hold them [Iran] responsible in the sense that...